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FAQs provides answers to frequently asked questions about how to prepare for regulatory e-Exam and preparation of the LEF file. Click the  Categories icon to select the topic and a list of questions and answers will display under the FAQs column. Use the Search feature to find key words in this section. If you need to ask a question, click on the Ask a question link under the FAQs column (sign in required).


A 1: ComplianceEase provides technology to state regulators to assist them in automating mortgage examinations but does not have any direct involvement in the examination process. Questions regarding examinations process and deadlines should be directed to the examiner-in-charge (EIC). You may engage any party to assist in data preparation, and the website provides a list of entities which have demonstrated the ability to produce the LEF format. Questions surrounding LEF file specifications and validation errors may be submitted to RegulatorConnect Support through the HELP tab. ComplianceEase's Support Team is also available to support your loan data extract projects.

A 2: Visit the LEF Validation page and use the LEF File Validation function to check for data formatting error. You must validate the LEF file before submission, LEF files(s) with data validation error will be rejected.

A 3: Yes, if your company would like to audit the requested loans using ComplianceAnalyzer you may contact ComplianceEase for the e-ExamReady Services . For other information you may email us or call 1.866.212.Ease(3273) and select Option 2 or visit .

A 4: If you are experiencing difficulty in exporting the required data from your system(s), you should contact the EIC (Examiner-in-Charge) immediately. Explain the challenges, difficulties and issues in detail and discuss what resolution can be achieved. ComplianceEase provides optional e-ExamReady Services to assist you in the process, please click here to contact us.

A 5: Once you have the LEF file ready, you can use it for any state regulator which requests the data.

A 6: RegulatorConnect is a web portal for lenders (who not use ComplianceAnalyzer in their origination and/or quality control processes) to prepare, validate, and deliver LEF file(s) to examiner in an e-Exam. RegulatorDirect is a function within ComplianceAnalyzer for lenders (do use ComplianceAnalyzer in their origination and/or quality control processes) to deliver loan data to examiner in an e-Exam. Below is the process comparison chart between RegulatorConnect and RegulatorDirect:

A 7: Lending Examination Format (LEF) is the industry data standard for e-Exam process. It was developed by ComplianceEase and adopted by the Conference of State Bank Supervisors (CSBS) and the American Association of Residential Mortgage Regulators (AARMR).



1. What is the LEF?
2. What is the difference between RegulatorConnect and RegulatorDirect?
3. We signed up with RegulatorConnect to satisfy our North Carolina reporting needs.We also originate loans in SouthCarolin...
4. Who can I contact if I have questions regarding the LEF process?
5. How do I ensure that the exported data conforms to the right format before submitting to the regulator(s)?
6. Is it possible to audit the requested loans first?
7. We have difficulty exporting data from our system. Can we get more time?
8. Who can I ask regarding questions about the field description? I need some clarification on two fields.
9. How do I ensure that the exported data conforms to the right format before submitting to the regulator(s)?
10. Can I give the information (e.g. LEF Specifications) to our consultant to review?
11. What if the data from our records are missing or do not exist altogether?
12. After multiple data validations using the Validate Data process, I am still getting errors. Can someone help?
13. Do you have a sample LEF file with all the field headers as specified in the LEFspecifications?
14. How do I export all the data to the regulator for the examination?
15. If I have already done this for another state / agency, can I repeat the same steps?
16. We are currently using ComplianceAnalyzer. What is the next step for me?
17. I have never done this before for an e-Exam. Where do I start?



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