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Everything you need to get started is here:

No. 1 - How to Get Started

1.1  For licensees that have already audited the requested loan portfolio using ComplianceAnalyzer® in their origination process: 1.2  For licensees that are not using ComplianceAnalyzer and require assistance in preparing the Lending Examination Format™ (LEF™) file and/or would like to audit the loan portfolio prior to submitting to the regulator:
1.3  For licensees that are preparing the LEF file(s) in-house:
  • If your system is not a RC Certified System or if the loan information will be exported from a proprietary system, follow the No column below.

RegulatorConnect Certified System



1.4  Contact the vendor of the RC Certified System for assistance in exporting the LEF for e-Exam.
1.5  Export the requested data.
1.6  Proceed to No. 2 “Encrypt the LEF”.
           1.7  Download the following documents:

   a. Lending Examination Format (LEF) File Specification - This is a MUST read document.

   b. LEF File Sample in unencrypted CSV format with various loan scenarios and fees. Refer to the LoanNumber header for scenario description.

   c. Data Mapping Quick Reference to assist with data mapping process.

   d. LEF Encryption Pack (for Windows systems only) to convert the CSV file to the encrypted LEF format.

1.8  Map loan data fields from source system(s) to LEF format (approximately 200 data points depending on loan types)

1.9  Save the LEF with the following naming convention: Licensee Full Legal Name followed by the abbreviation of the State with all space replaced by underscores. (e.g. ABC Mortgage submitting to Alabama State Banking Department should be "ABC_Mortgage_AL.lef").

1.10  Prepare the data extraction based on the LEF Specifications. Export all closed loans (canceled, denial and withdrawn loans are not required) for the period selected for e-Exam.

1.11  Proceed to No. 2 “Encrypt the LEF”.

Note: LEF files must be encrypted according to the LEF Encryption Specification to be accepted by the regulators.


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