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Get Started»Quick Start Guide
Download instructions and Lending Examination Format (LEF) file template.  Below is the cover page of the LEF Specification.

Map loan data fields from source system(s) to LEF file (approximately 200 data points).  Below are data definition samples.

Create data export from source system(s) to LEF file.  Below is a LEF sample file.

Encrypt LEF file(s) based on the LEF encryption specifications.  Below is the encryption software document sample.

Validate encrypted LEF file(s) for formatting errors.  Below is a Data Validation sample screenshot with errors.

Correct data formatting errors until an error-free Validation Code is generated.  Below is a Data Validation sample screenshot with no error.

Submit LEF file(s) to regulator.  Below is a LEF Submission sample screenshot.

Now you have explored all the steps in using RegulatorConnect to prepare for your e-Exam, please Register or Sign In to RegulatorConnect and visit the Instructions tab for detailed instructions.

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